SHINee 샤이니 'Don't Call Me' MV

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SHINee's 7th album "Don't Call Me" is out!
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01 Don't Call Me
02 Heart Attack
03 Marry You
05 I Really Want You
06 Kiss Kiss
07 Body Rhythm
08 Attention
09 빈칸 (Kind)
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SHINee 샤이니 'Don't Call Me' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


  • Iranian really love you and suport you forever.kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss

  • Minho's hair fire 🥰🔥

  • SHINee es increíblememte Genial.!!! Cada uno de los integrantes Pueden hacer todo.. !!! SON completos Verdaderos ARTISTAS.. Kings of k-pop. #SHINee

  • 41.771~~ 42M ♡

  • 매일 들어도 짜릿햇ㅠㅜ

  • Less than 200k before 42M Streamwols, lezzgo!! Road to 50M

    • Si!!!!!! Tenemos que llegar a esa metaaa

  • SHINee never disappoint Shawols 💙💎

  • I don't know what to say It was perfect

  • 📢📢📢 50M ASAP !!!!!! 🙏

    • 8.200.000 more Road to 50M real soon MANIFESTING

  • Sevom sizi

  • Noya hange ye ye ye

  • This song is so strong

  • Niceee

  • Perfeitoss❤❤❤😍😯

  • ❤❤❤❤❤😍

  • ...

  • cant get enough of this song

    • After Atlantis I keep coming back to this ❤

  • diş fırçamın üstünde Shine yazıyor günde en az 2 kez bu grup aklıma geliyor.

  • Senenin en iyi cbi

  • Hala takığım bu şarkıya

  • Str2am Atlantis please they can winn


    • I couldn't agree more

  • Masterpiece

  • nobody talking bout the hair

  • SHINee - Don't Call Me Solo vengo a decir que SHINee is Five Y a seguir reproduciendo....tremenda cancion

  • Lets go 42M🔥

  • If I was a kpop idol my favorite part would be the outfits as well

  • 41.736~~42M ♡

  • SHINee the best

  • 5HINee is quality

  • My loves SHINee

  • Let's go 42M

  • 보이스 피싱 전화 왔을 때 그냥 말없이 이거 틀어주고 싶다 효과 직빵일듯

  • 5HINee forever

  • Atlantise gelin be Turkish Shawo/

  • 41.723,130 vamossss shawolsss nuestrosss reyes volvierón para romperla r3pr0duscamos DON't call me y ATLANTISSS!!!!!! #SHINee#Atlantis#Dontcallme

  • 42 M Let's go

  • nice piano

  • SHINee💎

  • I'm in love with this song could never get tired of it

  • SHINee best of the best group

  • 5HINee

  • Me gusto el cabello de minho

  • For new Shawols/fans 0:03 MINHO 0:11 ONEW 0:13 TAEMIN 0:15 KEY

  • Q belleza ❤️❤️😍☝️ todo q belleza y mucho arte lo ame

  • Fazla iyiler

  • Bayılıyorum yareppi

  • Shineem en iyisi ofofof

  • احبكم ):

  • Kings ulann

  • SHINee!!!!!

  • 어떤 컨셉이든 잘 소화하는 샤이니

  • for the next call uhhh

  • 우리 이쁘니들 악동컨셉 보니 어색하구나ㅎㅎ 귀엽다귀여워 ♡ ♡

  • 41,711,395→289K to 42M we will get there :-)

  • Falta poco para 42M!! Vamos shawols!!

  • sabar2 dpt iklan dia lg boo mutar 2x atlantis perlu bnyk jeda video eh pny dia tinggal dpt dimana2

  • I swear to people who don't know this song !! It's their bad time

  • 41.705.701,Let's go 42 million get views

  • hbs ngeklik langsung kutinggal, balik2 dpt iklan mv si yg itu uhuhu

  • I just realized there's eng subs on the video??? Omg 🤣😃 back in the days we had to search the meaning on colour coded lyrics dot com 👽👽

  • 미치겠다 이제 이 노랠 안들으면 맛있게 조개 먹다 돌씹은 것 마냥 하루종일 찜찜해..

  • SHINee always amazes us

  • 電話して悪かったな この歌詞をカッコイイくできるシャイニーが悪い!

  • SHAWOLs I need your help with something... There is group, its name is TRCNG. They are so underrated... Can you help with str34ming their song "MISSING" while str34ming Don't Call Me? PLEASE WE NEED YOUR HELP ♡

  • Okay it me again I’m opposed I love it so much

  • 41,700,041----->300K to 42M, let's go!

  • vote SHINee @ show champion plz

  • Acaba sız olmasanız napardim ben

  • Shinee is back

  • The way he says 《next time in your life》 xD

  • 41,690,403----->310K to 42M, getting closer, let's enjoy :-)

  • Atlantis 20 milion Don't Call Me 50 milion FİGHTİNG!

  • Just keep strr3aming just keep str3aming

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  • 5HINee

  • Why is there no one in this song? Let's be a little more, please.

  • Sabahtan akşama kadar don't call me diye gebercem

  • Ben ipabo

  • 41,685,941

  • Yorum

  • 41,683,602

  • 200K comments on dont call me soon Pls

  • Başım ağrıyo ya

  • Don’t call me still stay in top 100 melon after almost 2 month!!SHINee you guys are great!!

  • Onew hair color suit him

  • Key dance

  • SHINee will continue to be the best

  • Zor şeyler bu dersler

  • let's keep streaming this and atlantis, they deserve better. they already do the best for us, so we should do the best for them too. please shawol we can do it!!!!!

  • After I got to know SHINee, my world got better

  • 41,677,308

  • SHINee'yi tanıdıktan sonra dünyam güzelleşti

  • Fun Fact: This song was supposed to be for BOA unnie



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