Best 3D Pen Art Wins $5,000 Challenge! | ZHC Crafts

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I can't believe we made art using 3d pens and the best one won $5,000 for them and a subscriber! Subscribe if you want to be in our videos!
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  • Subscribe if you want to be in our videos :))

  • It’s so cool

  • I subscribed and put thumbs up The bell is ringing I love you guys

  • ZHC aka MrArt

  • im happy when the philippines was mentioned:)

  • What if you don’t live in Australia

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  • I love your videos 😄

  • I would love to be in one of ur videos and win something that u have designed but the problem is I live in the UK so that would be difficult. When u customise ur iPad Pro’s they look sick and the best bit about ur videos is when u peek off the tape. ITS AMAZING!!!! Btw I love ur videos and u r amazing

  • FOR REAL ME : I want a 3D 🖊 PEN

  • Don’t u care about the pandemic currently this is why America has so many confirmed cases social distance and maybe take more care in ur health and others rather than winning money u don’t need ZHC has gone from amazing cool challenges to useless customising products, he is so dumb that he doesn’t realise people can put cases on the back and cover the design

  • ZHC you’re the best and I love your channel I just wish I could have a free iPhone from 56 seven wait

  • yo im from chico right next to oroville

  • Proud subscriber from Philippines

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  • Chinese version of Mr.Beast


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  • Is it just me or does Jaz look like Charli d'melio? Like...


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  • *Who ever has the best one wins 5000$* Me : im a young artist and im not gonna win ; - ;


  • The Mr beast of art


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  • Can i get the give away pls🥺


  • Grogu was definitely the winner.


  • I want that dragon


  • Philip :0


  • 8:17 finished products


  • These algorithms will be the death of me.


  • wait a minuet this channel has 2.04M subscribers but it got 3,256,420 views huh what :/


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  • Pls can i get a shoutout i your next video i am a big fan


  • I bet their hands will be tired 😂 lol. michelle: i bet that will happen to me..


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  • Fun fact you got clickbaited!

    • Thats how Mr.Beast became famous.. have your own team and conduct contests for ur own team and give money to ur own team... gain subscribers...

  • Hey! nice job you got 46 on trending!?!?! :D

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  • I love the philippines guy because iam a filipino

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  • Even if I am subbed i won't get in the vid😂😂😂

  • I wish i was there to join.

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  • Your sooooooo talented OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i think kenz is better

  • You just become a low art budget art making mr.beast

  • You know rules and so do I say good bye

  • Ahh why clickbait kid???

  • Mckenzie i wouldve done the same :p "Don't touch it it's hot" Me: Touches a pan on a stove. Touches the end of the hot glue gun. ;-;

  • Thats how Mr.Beast became famous.. have your own team and conduct contests for ur own team and give money to ur own team... gain subscribers...


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  • iam a filipino zhc been a subcriber for a long time while your drawing marshmello 24 hours that's when I subscribed plss notice I am a artisy

  • I actually own a 3d pen and I burnt my fingers so much so I can't really feel pain in my that normal.......

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  • 7:47 look no make up on her

  • These challenge art videos are getting really boring because Kenzie wins every time. Also, Jake, Michelle, and Jaz are spending all of this time and then Kenzie wins every time.

  • If always watched you but I wasn’t subscribed 😬


  • Just saying, anyone else tired of the stupid clickbait? The wouldn't have gotten the views without it

  • TYING rock-paper-scissors does not count as a loss. You ripped her off with that.

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  • the way jake looked when mackenzie said she betted on him

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  • Love ur vids but y dont u do a last to stop drawing video wins 10 k aka 10 grand

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  • I've been subscribed for litreally forever. I wish I could click on it a million times to be in one of the videos 🙁

  • oh my gosh why does everyone have the best hair at all times a swear y'all are so beautiful and good looking 😭

  • Omggg Zach was wearing bella porch merch 😳😳

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  • My sister has a 3D pen but I stole it hehehe🙂

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  • The only comments i found was of youtubers

  • I like maps

  • I feel like miechele won

  • If I lost the Rock Paper Scissors, I’d be fine bc I’m left handed lol

  • They should do t shirts

  • i bet on jake

  • Can I be in a video? I subbed and liked👍

  • finally someone knows grogu's name

  • Jake's Yoda is so cute.