Norway 4K - Scenic Relaxation Film with Calming Music

Tarixində dərc edildi 9 Yan 2021
Norway is one of the most scenic countries in the world. Enjoy this 4K relaxation film across the Norway's most beautiful regions. From the endless Fjords to the stunning Lofoten Islands, Norway's landscapes have so much to offer.
Special to Simon Braeck for helping with footage. He has a great channel with plenty of videos from Norway -
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  • 被治愈

  • Oneday......

  • cảnh đẹp! ước gì có ngôi nhà để sống ở đó

  • I feel that the author is very hard at making videos, I hope your channel is getting better and better

  • Beautiful scenery and audio

  • good

  • Does somebody know the Artist of the music? Especially the First 10min? And maybe somebody knows the Place at 24:00?? Love and Peace

  • Beautiful nature I like it 🙏❤️ Norway capital of Oslo Norway 👍

  • Beautiful.

  • hahaha funny name it's the same name as that song from that one game mod that has a guy with a red shirt from a 2000s web show fighting a blue haired boy

  • Its amazing😍


  • wow what a place ....part of heaven ...this video make me cool ,fresh from nepal

  • Beautiful


  • what is the name of the piano music from 9.15 to 9.50 please help. Tell me. I will be very grateful,I really need this composition. It helps to plunge into the past. Lose yourself in the thoughts of a person who has not been around for a long time.

  • Waw beautiful place

  • Çok güzel ❤️

  • no doubt its beautiful

  • original sounds in videos, please

  • Best quality of life, best society structure, best security, best environment. Amazing beaches, mountains, snow deserts and most importantly Northern lights. F... yeah, Norway is a dream country to settle.

  • Wow, beautifully videographed and smoothing bgm. Thank you so much. Love from India 🙏🏾

  • So beautiful .... how can anyone dislike this.... thank you

  • Wspaniałe miejsce, wspaniały widok.

  • im here to see floki's treehouse🙂viking🖤

  • Seems like I have to explore my own country

    • @hermyfromgermy brazil, I'm 13 years old and when I start working I'll put a lot of money together to be able to move to norway :D

    • @Tomás where are you from?

    • @hermyfromgermy i want to live in norway :(

    • @Scenic Relaxation eastern Norway. Close to Oslo

    • There’s too much to see! What part of Norway are you from?

  • Beautiful 💖

  • Otherworldly beauty!

  • Masyaallah.. Amazing place.. Thanks to god.. I am from indonesia 😍

  • heaven from Vietnam

  • I never realized how beautiful Norway is!

  • Very beautiful

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  • Nice video congratulations

  • I love beauty of Norway I am from Pakistan

  • One of the most beautiful countries on the planet I hope one day I can visit it , landscapes are amazing there and its and people are so friendly

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • Dear All, Stay Safe and Stay at Home 🙏🙏

  • Oh my, it's like a paradise... ❤️❤️❤️

  • Everybody acknowledging that country as heaven of Earth

  • Класс, как же это красиво, какие пейзажи, сел бы и смотрел целыми днями

  • beautiful place

  • It feels like a dream but I'm awake!

  • cool

  • Amusing sound

  • Waw beautiful

  • I wish i could fly with my friends 🥰😍😍😍and ejoy this beauty

  • This is amazing

  • wow...

  • 🤨

  • Hello first time here watching your videos 🙂 watching from Manila Philippines 🇵🇭

  • 景色非常像新疆,自驾游的时候啤酒烧烤和民族歌舞让人陶醉在风光之中

  • Norway is awesome!

  • thank you

  • Norway is a magnificent country.

  • As a Norwegian citizen I must say it's extremely cold during all seasons but a few summer days, and it does look very depressing and dark without the filters, although, yes it's very beautiful.

  • ഇവിടെ നേരിട്ട് വന്നിട്ട് മരിച്ചാൽ മതി ! 😯🤩

  • i wanna live there so bad 😭

    • @Niggawaffen Xx u got the whole squad laughing 😐

  • It's crazy beyond my imagination how beautiful Norway is!! Totally blew my mind away. As the saying goes 'the grass is greener on the other side', do people in Norway like living there? What's it like being in such a beautiful place? Asking this because, here in my country, I don't have views like this when I walk out of my house.

  • Looks like some other planet

  • This has me pining for the fjords.

  • SubhanALLAH. glory to God. what an amazing place on earth. I wish I can go there just to ponder the beauty of Allah's creation

    • @kimraa I really feel sorry to hear that. a good thing is you need to be close to them and dive in their life so that there is no misunderstanding, cause today there a lot a people very easy to judge a group of people just merely hear about them through media stream without trying to seek the truth. "People will know and see the beauty of our house if he enter it, not only see from the picture or hear people saying"

    • Sry for my harsh words, people are responsible for their own actions, but to many from the Middle East has abused our hospitality by giving a damn about our country and culture

    • @kimraa what's wrong brother..? may I know the reason?

    • im Norwegian, and we had to change our immigration policy because of you guys . Tops every negative stats here. Impossible to integrate

  • O Yeah! The Land of the Vikings! Hi from Russia

  • มาค่ะ โยกย้ายส่ายสะโพกกัน

  • Wow!!! Amazing!!!!

  • We all feel the same

  • Beautiful and picturesque landscape of Norway. Would you please add a subtitle to tell us the name of each scenic place? It will be very helpful. Thanks.

  • Wow!!!!

  • I offer my endless thanks to everyone who contributed

  • after 3 month, every morning i alway watch this video

    • @Scenic Relaxation seriously, your video make me feeling goods before work, so relaxing

    • No way! That makes me so happy to hear :)

  • The beauty that hurts people, I spent 21 years in the middle east country and it hurts me to never live here.

    • tons of people form the middle east are coming here, if u really wanna give it a try u should :)

  • sheet internet

  • Like a fairy tale. Imagine how life must have looked like there 200 years ago. So romantic !! And I don't mean the erotical romance. I mean romantic in it's original sense. If you don't know it, then google it.

    • @Not a Viking thanks man 🙂👍

    • Close to where I live, 4.5 mi (7.2 km), there are people from 5000-6000 years ago, who have made drawings of animals in a very large rock. It's a special place to be. Near the stone are the remains of a castle, which according to a papal letter, the castle is mentioned as recently built, which means that the year 1234 is considered the closest you get to a safe dating of the facility. You can watch a video here, it is unfortunately in Norwegian. 3.33 you see a stone church, the church was completed in the middle of the 12th century. It's nice in Norway, but with local knowledge it can be an interesting journey.

  • Beautiful nature 😍😍

  • An amazing Beauty.

  • What a beatiful country, i want to visit and peace from ALGERIA ❤

  • Thanks for bringing such beauty and harmony in my busy crazy life!

  • It is just too much a lucky person when you had been born on this place. I wish I have the chance someday.

  • my most dream it's living in this country😍

  • quá đẹp , một nơi như tiên cảnh

  • Hi You all, i live far up north i this beautiful country, and yes its a breath taking country and im very proud of being a norwegian, we have alot of spectacular places in norway, were you can find peace and calm.....a lots of love from me

  • Dey uon't pey for it! Dey don't kere...

  • Đẹp như trong mơ vậy


  • Our beautiful nature and landscape in Norway is being destroyed by foreign companies and our so called politicians who allow hundreds of wind turbines to be built on the coastal landscape. Mountain tops are being blown apart by dynamite to make access roads to these monsters. Endangered birds are being hacked to bits by the turbine blades. Unreplaceable and untouched nature which is habitat for many animals, some of them endangered, is being destroyed all in the name of "green energy" which is something we've always had in the form of hydro power. My heart breaks when I see how our landscape is being decimated for some greedy capitalists who wants to earn a quick buck!!

  • Every seconds of this video is a new wallpaper 🌚

    • ​@Scenic Relaxation Great video, What is the font which you have used to write "Scenic Relaxation"

    • Amen to that! :)

  • I miss my cruise job which gave me many opportunities to visit this beautiful country and its fjords..... i miss you flam....

    • @Scenic Relaxation fingers crossed for our Cruise Industry. Well every part of this country is equally beautiful and attractive. I personally like Flam and Olden. But on other hand loved Alta for Nordic lights, Bergen for its local markets and city peace. For Fjords loved sailing in Geiranger.. Norway is just incredible..

    • Wow, that's so cool you worked on the cruise ship! Hopefully the industry can resume in the coming months. Where was your favorite place you visited?

  • Thanks for sharing this video with full air photography,we are able to see people existing region in so hard geographical conditions,with love from India,💖👌🙏😊

  • احب الكلام الى الله : سبحان الله، والحمدلله ، ولا اله الا الله ، والله اكبر ، ولاحول ولا قوة الا بالله.

  • 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • who in their right mind wouldn't want to visit Norway?

  • I have no words to describe the beauty of nurway😏

  • muitas imagens repetitivas com angulos diferentes

  • WOW...When will I get an opportunity to go there?

  • 6,18 piano song?

  • beautiful