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Fun custom projects, crafts, \u0026 art!

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  • What that is so good 👍

  • Please give me new iPads please please😭😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😳😳😳

  • Hi Zhc lm froom uae

  • Lol

  • I just realized that jake was wearing a Naruto shirt I love that anime

  • Hi I am Arthur I love your channel it is cool and it has such good Art I wish you can send one of them to me

  • I feel soooo bad for Nolan

  • No offense to mechell but you look pregnant when you had to eat the mayo ( sorry if I spelled your name wrong)

  • I wish I could paint a big portrait of someone but I’m really bad at drawing

  • Plese add machanzi in the videoed

  • Ayyyy jake has a naruto shirt love it

  • Jaz and Karl are so sweet🥰🥰

  • Who this?

  • 0:36 that's what she said

  • Im from Philippines

  • ✅ done ✅

  • Hey I love your videos can I get a reply pls 💖

  • I liked vivs

  • Zach: there’s 5 minutes left Everyone: AAAAAHHH

  • Oh it's Michelle my idle in tiktok

  • Can you draw me

  • I like machal

  • I subscribed for viv

  • Viv’s had so much more detail why does she never win???

  • Love you Michael and Mckenzie

  • Micheal looks like sakura

  • I kind of think Viv should have won because she never wins and hers was a little better sorry

  • jake and jazz both lost to the same move in the first round

  • When nobody decides to make a minion: 😀🔫

  • I have subscribe

  • Hii

  • Vevo is noooooooooooooo pretty and I love her voice sooo much 💙💜❤🥰💙💜❤🥰💙💜❤🥰💙💜❤🥰💙💜❤🥰💙💜❤🥰💙💜❤🥰💙💜❤🥰💙💜❤🥰

  • Sat

  • 2:05 proud Philippines

  • Hey ZHC im a huge fan from South Africa would really love some customized Nike Air Kicks with yours logo on Them.🥺

    • zhc can I please please get a Shout out please thank you

  • Cool... . Art

  • Ew

  • Am I the only one to notice there in the custom house they did? Or did someone else notice aswell?

  • I subscribe all the videos and liked

  • Why does everyone want only Nike and Apple 😂

  • Ahh I my name is Francesco and my brother really wants a Nintendo switch but we are in Jordan Amman I love your videos so much and you are the best 🤘😍

  • Interesting......

  • I loveyou

  • Subscribe to Mrbeast and Zhc

  • When ever I see a new vid from you I have too see it

  • Zhc is mr beast but art style

  • If your reading this in among the comments never forget your beautiful and your life matters

  • 3:59 cuteee i thought it was a panda

  • Zach happy channel

  • 7 minutes of Plank I did 36 minutes of plank I swear and jazz yours is nice

  • $5,000 and 100 what that is crazy 😂✍(●'◡'●)

  • Zhc in 2069: destroying the world and then surprising everyone with a custom one...